**Update: The Earn program ended on June 6th, 2018

All earnings up to the end of June 6th will be distributed after being reviewed and approved.

As Dock expands we will introduce new ways to earn that support the network, however from time to time this does mean we will have to deprecate older features for the health of the platform, like referrals. Stay tuned as we will introduce new ways to earn very soon.

Reward schedule

Rewarded DOCK tokens are based on the total network size of Dock.

Dock network size             Tokens rewarded per invite
up to 250k                                 45 DOCK
250k - 500k                              22.5 DOCK
500k - 1 mil                                11.25 DOCK


Terms of the Dock Referral Program:

The following is a summary of the Referral Program terms, please review the full details of the Referral Program located here

  1. All referred accounts must satisfy the requirements by Dock to verify their account in order to receive your reward
  2. All rewards are based on Dock's total network size and subject to the reward schedule as shown above.
  3. Any abuse or violation of the Referral Program Terms will result in termination of your Dock account, forfeiture of any earnings that may have been previous rewarded to your account, and prevention of any future use by you of the Dock platform.
  4. Dock may request additional information regarding your use of the referral program prior to issuing earnings.
  5. If suspicious behavior is suspected and/or while investigating your use of the Referral program, Dock may prevent you from withdrawing any DOCK tokens from your account.
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