The Find My Accounts feature lets you manage the accounts you have across the internet by scanning your email for any websites where you’ve created an account, and giving you the option to request removal of your data from those websites.

How it works

Our app scans your email for any accounts you may have created, then presents them to you for review. You can sort through this list and choose the ones you want to keep. For any accounts you no longer want, you can send a GDPR-compliant removal request to delete your data.

(For any accounts you want to keep, we’ll monitor for any suspicious activity and let you know if they’re affected.)

Is it safe to grant access to my email account?

Yes, we do not view, access or store any of the content in your emails. We only view and save the domain names of email addresses sending you emails related to accounts you’ve created. You will see the list of these accounts when you’re given the option to save or delete them.

Get Started

The Find My Accounts feature is available now! Please give it a try and send us any feedback you have.

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