Why adding certification on LinkedIn

In your LinkedIn profile, having a direct proof of verification is immensely important to let recruiters view your proof of verification. If you don’t have a certification section, simply add the section by clicking “Add profile section” in your profile, then “+ Certifications.”

Next, name your new certificate as “Employment Background Check and Verifications”, and put “Dock” as the certification authority. Remember to also copy your profile link to the “Certified URL” section.

Share your professional certificate via LinkedIn Summary

If you have completed your verification on Dock, the next-step is to edit your LinkedIn summary so that everyone visiting your LinkedIn profile would know that you are verified. It also helps getting recruiters to notice you. 

To let them know that you are verified, first add a short sentence after your LinkedIn profile:

  • My identity and professional experience has been verified: (Insert Your Dock Sharable Profile)”
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