Most of us went to colleges or universities at some point in our lives, and the certificate we got from those institutions are out-dated, unverifiable, and easily lost.

Fortunately, Dock is now working with verification partners in the U.S. to verify your education certificate so that you can store and easily share your education certificate to anyone, anywhere.

How it works

First, you will need to add an unverified education certificate in your Dock Wallet. This serves as an easy way for you to share your education even though it is not verified.

Next, you can choose to verify your education through Dock, with Dock's verification partners in the U.S. The verification generally takes 1-2 hours and you will then have a verified education profile that you can share with anyone in the world.

Why U.S. only

Currently we are able to verify education certificates for U.S. institutions. We are working hard to expand this service to anyone around the world, and we hope to expand to your region soon.


If you don't have your education certificates already, you can go to Dock Wallet and create one in seconds:

If you have your education certificate, the next-step is to share it. Simply click on "Share" and you can send it to anyone you'd like.

If you have any questions, please reach us at [email protected]

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