The Dock app serves as a hub for you to manage the data and applications connected to your account on Dock.

  1. Add your professional data - Get started by completing your profile data in the Dock app. This data includes your name, avatar, headline, work history, and education. Tip: speed up this process by importing your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Import your network - Upload your LinkedIn profile or connect your Google account to kickstart the growth of your network on Dock.
  3. Earn DOCK tokens - There are three ways you can earn DOCK: 1) inviting your network to join 2) following social accounts 3) participating in the bounty campaign.
  4. Connect apps - coming soon - Connect various applications where you create and share your professional data to your Dock account and sync data across all of your networks.

When the data exchange portion of the Dock protocol is released, the data that you update and enter in the app will be stored and encrypted on the Ethereum blockchain.

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