What is Dock? Is the profile verified through Dock authentic?

Dock Systems, Inc. is a technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California that focuses on data management and professional data verification. Dock partners with Employment Background Investigation, Inc (EBI). to provide authentic, verified professional results to employers, recruiters and hiring managers across the United States.

Why did I receive an invite from a job applicant to view their verified profile?

The job applicant has verified their resume and professional background through Dock and its verification partners, and is now sharing their report with you. Once invited, you can view their verified report and the candidate will receive a notification that you have received it.

How would viewing candidates who have verified their data help me as an employer?

By having a candidate's pre-verified information at the start of the hiring prices, you can save significant time and resources knowing that this candidate's information is accurate. According to reports, about 85% of employers in the U.S. have found lies or misrepresentation on a resume or application. In addition, verifying information can take weeks causing delays in start times for new hires. Dock helps you save time and effort by with verified candidates with ease.

Which types of data do you provide verification on?

We provide Education and Background Check verifications. Note: A candidate is able to select what verified data to share with you.

Why am I waiting for my request to be approved after my purchase?

As a technology company, we value user privacy tremendously and want to make sure you have the candidate's consent to share their verified information. After your request, we will notify the candidate regarding your request and they can approve. If your request is not approved, we will process a full refund.

Can I request candidates to verify their data through Dock?

Yes, you can ask your candidate to verify through Dock. The candidate will need to complete the verification and then share it with you. 

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