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Subscription Plans & Billing

Learn about Dock Certs Subscription Plans and billing options.

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To start a paid subscription of Dock Certs, visit our Plans & Billing section and choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Cancelling a subscription

You can cancel your subscription any time if you are on a Starter plan. You can use all of the features until the end of the billing cycle.

Business and Custom plans with a one-year commitment that are billed monthly cannot be canceled before the one year commitment is fulfilled.

Go to Plan & Billing and click Manage Billing.

You will be redirected to Stripe interface where you can cancel your plan.

How does the annual plan work?

Business and Custom plans are only available on an annual basis and are billed monthly. There is a 10% discount for users who pay for the 12-month commitment up front.

Need help?

If you need help with billing do not hesitate to send us a message using the chat button or via [email protected]

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