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Create a credential template
Create a credential template

Learn how to create a custom credential template that fits your needs.

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Set up a Custom Credential Template

Select Templates and click Create template

Add a name for the custom template in Template name and a description in Template description. For this example, we will make a custom credential template for the Business Communicators Association, which is a professional association with different types of memberships.

In Credential attributes, add the type of information you want to appear on the credential template. You can do this in two ways:

a) By manually setting up what kind information you want to appear

b) Importing an existing credential template from another source

Add Credential Fields Manually

Click Create manually.

You can choose what format the field will appear in and which fields are required or optional.

For our example of the Business Communicators Association’s membership certificates we want to have this information:

  • Name

  • Membership Type

  • Member Number

  • Issue Date

  • Expiry Date

  • These are the membership types: Student Membership, Professional Membership, and Corporate Membership.

  1. Write Name in the first box, select the Text format, select Required, and add the Member’s full name in the description. Select Add Field.

  2. Type Membership Type, select Text from the drop-down, select Required, and click Add Field

  3. Type Membership Number, select Number from the drop down, select Required, and click Add Field

To remove a field, simply select the X icon on the bottom right of the field.

🤔 In this example you don’t need to add an Issue Date and Expiry Date field because these fields will automatically appear on all templates.

Once you’ve added all the fields, select Publish at the top and on the message that appears afterwards.

The new template is created. If you add more templates they will all be listed on this page when you select Templates from the menu.

You can also see your new credential templates added with the pre-built templates. So whenever you issue a credential, you will be able to choose a template from this list.

Select Preview to see the fields that you set up on your custom credential template.

The Issue Date and Expiration Date are default fields that will appear on every template if you create the template manually.

Add Credential Fields by Importing an Existing Credential Template

  1. You can import an existing credential template into Dock. For example you can find some credential templates here:

  2. Select a template like EmploymentVC for example

  3. Click on the template to see the data fields

  4. Copy the URL by clicking on Issue VC with this schema and clicking on the copy icon

  5. Paste the URL in the Credential Template and select Import Schema

  6. Double check to make sure that the format for the drop down menus for each field is selected. Add and remove whatever fields you want. Select Publish once this is done.

Now you can see the imported credential on the template list.

Edit a Credential Template

Select Templates, go to the template you want to edit, click on the three dots, and select Copy and edit.

Update the Template Name so you can tell the difference between this updated version and the original one. For this example, I will rename it Business Communicators Association With Designation

Once you’ve made all of your edits, go to the top of the page and select Publish. Click Publish again on the next message.

The template copy has been created.

View a Credential Template

To view the fields on the credential, go to Template, click on the three dots of the credential you want to view, and click View template.

Delete a Credential Template

Go to Template, click on the three dots of the credential you want to delete, and click Delete template.

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