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Creating API keys and Webhook endpoints
Creating API keys and Webhook endpoints

Learn how to create API keys and add Webhook endpoints

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Creating API Keys

To create your first API key, under the Developer menu item, click API Keys. Then select Create API key.

Your API key is created. Under Whitelisted IP’s, you have the option to add additional security by configuring IP's that are allowed to access your services.

❗ Keep your API key safe, for security reasons it will not be shown again. Please do not share this key. If you forget your API key, you will need to delete the existing key and create a new one.

All of your API keys will be displayed like this:

For more information about API See API documentation

Webhooks Endpoints

You can add or modify webhook endpoints that will send events when issuing or when transactions occur. Under Developer, select Webhook and click Add Endpoint on the top right.

Fill in the Webhook details and click Create Webhook.

All of your endpoints will be displayed like this:

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