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Using Custom Branding on Emails
Using Custom Branding on Emails

Learn how to put your own branding on credential distribution emails

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To enable our customers to create a more streamlined user experience we are introducing the ability to customize the credential distribution emails.

To have your logo and company name appear on the email, you will need to update the relevant Issuer profile with the logo and Public Name. It will then be used to brand the credential distribution email.

Add the recipient emails either manually or via spreadsheet import.

Make sure to select the same Issuer Profile when creating the credential.

You will see the Email Preview before issuing the credentials, will be able to add a custom message.

When the credential email is received it will show Your Company name in the send in the format "Your Company name via Dock", it will have Your Logo on the top and will remove the Powered by Dock Certs logo at the bottom of the email.

ℹ️ Custom branded Emails are available for Business and Custom plans only.

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