Dock leverages blockchain technology to allow applications to share and transfer consumer data, with the consumer controlling access to their data.

How can Dock network participants vote on future development?

As key players in the Dock ecosystem, DOCK token holders are able to propose and vote on the future roadmap and iterations of Dock. Examples of proposals that DOCK token holders could vote on include new data formats, partnership initiatives, and app features.

How does Dock transfer user data across all of your applications?

Until now, whenever you create new data on an application - such as update your profile, grow your network, or receive an endorsement - this data is stored and exists only within this application. With Dock, integrated applications are able to update your data to your Dock account, and from there data is synced across all of your connected applications. You, as the owner of this data, are able to control which applications can access or update to your Dock account.

In addition, when you join a new network, Dock allows you to instantly import all of your up-to-date information to the new platform.

How is the data secured and stored?

When data is updated to your Dock account, the data is encrypted using cryptography and the ability to access this data is stored on the public Ethereum blockchain. The actual data is stored in a decentralized database called IPFS. Since the data is stored in a public, decentralized database, it can never be removed or destroyed.

Whenever you authorize access to your Dock account, the application is able to decrypt your personal data and display it in the application.

Some examples of how this will be used:

  1. When you sign up to a new website and create a profile, you will be able to import all of your relevant data from Dock to instantly create a profile and network on the new platform.
  2. When a new event occurs such as your start a new job, receive a certification, add a skillset, or even create a professional connection, this new information is synced across every application where you have connected your Dock account.
  3. The Dock application will allow you to track your data that is being stored on the protocol and allow you to add or remove access to your data by various applications.
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