Dock is a decentralized data exchange protocol built on blockchain that allows you to sync all of your networks and transfer data across everywhere you have a presence on the web.

Until now, as a consumer you have been forced to recreate profiles and rebuild your network every time you join a new platform. Valuable data that you willingly create and share on various networks is controlled and often monetized by these websites. In addition, maintaining all of the data and platforms where you have a presence becomes tedious, causing you to have out-dated information and missing potential opportunities.

Dock completely changes this by opening these networks and empowering you to truly own and connect all of your data across the web. As a result, Dock:

Decentralizes your data - data you create on various applications is encrypted and stored using blockchain technology so that no one company or platform controls it. If a website goes down or changes their terms, you maintain ownership over the data you have created.

Puts you in control of your data - Dock gives the power back to you, the consumer, allowing you to manage and control which apps have access to your data.

Syncs your data across networks - any time you update your profile, add a new contact, or share an update, your data gets synced across all of the platforms connected to your Dock account.

Empowers you to be a participant in the dock network - DOCK token holders are active participants in growing the Dock network by voting on new proposals for future development.

Starting with the Dock app

The Dock app serves as a connector between networks and apps online, allowing you to control how and where your information is used, and sync it across your different applications. The Dock App works alongside applications such as and LinkedIn to allow you to manage data between all the platforms they use. The app is currently in alpha, so lookout for regular updates and announcements!

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