Dock was founded with the mission of putting you in control of the data that you create and share in various online profiles across the internet.

Since LinkedIn is one of the top sources for professional profile data, we've created an easy way for you to import your LinkedIn data to kickstart your profile and network on Dock.

Which LinkedIn data is imported?

Only the data about your connections, profile and recommendations is imported to your Dock account. Other data that is imported with your "The Works" archive is not used or saved in any way.

How is this data used?

  • Complete your Dock profile - Quickly and easily fill out your Dock profile information to match your LinkedIn profile
  • Connect with your network - Transfer your entire network at once to maintain your various connections on Dock and partner platforms
  • Share your Dock profile to applications - Once you've completed your Dock profile, you'll be able to transfer this profile to partner applications

Your data is secure

With Dock, users are always in control of where and how your data is used. We will never share your data with any platform without your explicit permission and will provide you with tools to manage where your data is being shared.

Dock is in full compliance with data privacy laws. Deleting your data or account will permanently remove this data from our website and servers.

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